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UWPP10 Pinpointer


  • Pinpoint location
  • Detects very small metal objects
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight, rugged design





Essential technical features of the detector are based on the well proven Ebinger technology which is applied in metal detectors used in humanitarian mine action worldwide. The underwater pinpoint metal detector enhances the SECON range of underwater metal detectors by an inexpensive and easy to use device. It detects all types of metals. The detection range depends on the size, distance and type of metal object to be detected. Objects of small and medium size can be easily recovered by the diver. The underwater pinpoint metal detector is particularly suited for the detection and determination of the position of metal objects buried within the diver?s reach. Due to the pinpoint detection objects can be recovered without stirring up the sediment. This makes the recovery of detected objects easy. Due to the slim cylindrical sensor the detection focus at the tip of the probe is concentrated to a few square centimetres allowing a pinpointing location of target objects despite the detector?s high sensitivity.

Mode of operation

The UW-Pinpointer operates by a micro-controller based pulse induction principle (PI), transmitting short magnetic pulses into the seabed. The primary transmission pulses cause eddy currents in the objects generating response signals which are picked up by the detector and analysed digitally. A vibration of the detector handle indicates the detection of an object obviating the need for a cable connected earphone necessary for any audio signals. Due to the static search mode the detected objects show a footprint spreading over the seabed which helps to estimate the approximate size of the hidden object.

Constructional features

All detector components are contained in a tube of approx. 23 cm length. The device is switched on and off by a rotation of the battery compartment?s closure. The detector is powered by a 9 V PP3 battery (IEC 6 LR61), or its rechargeable version. The sensor is built into the slim cylindrical end of the tube, which assists in pinpointing even small objects in areas of constricted space like trenches or holes.

Delivery contents

  • Underwater pinpoint metal detector
  • Carrying strap
  • 9 V PP3 battery (IEC 6LR61)

Technical data

Power supply 1x 9 V PP3 battery (IEC 6LR61) 1x Ni-MH rechargeable battery (IEC HR22) Operation time* dry battery approx. 6.5 h rechargeable battery approx. 3 h Temperature range approx. -10 °C to +55 °C Diameter approx. 35 mm Total length approx. 230 mm Weight approx. 270 g with battery Operating frequency 550 Hz *depending on temperature and battery capacity

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