SECON Ortungstechnik

EFIS® S inspection mirror


  • Compact shape
  • Foldable
  • For daylight and low light conditions
  • Multiple application
  • Protectiveisolution






The EFIS®S is the basic version within the EBINGER range of inspection mirrors for police and military. Its intended use is the support of an inspection of vehicles at checkpoints and to search boats, aircrafts, trains and parts of buildings etc. Although of small size when collapsed (pocket version)it can be extended to reach into cavities andvoids. EFIS® Scan be used in engine bays and next toelectrical wiring as the surface of the device comeswith a protective isolation to avoid sparks or short circuits.

Constructional features

EFIS®S is supplied with two mirrors of different size which are very easy to exchange. The telescopic handle can be extended between 30 and 50 cm and carries a powerful LED placed next to the mirror. The device can operate for up to 90 hours on commercial disposable dry cells (AA) or from rechargeable NiMHcells.

Technical Data


 Mirror small  approx. Ø 50 mm
 Mirror big  approx. Ø 75 mm
 Telescope  approx. 290 - 490 mm

 Power supply

 Power consumption   approx. 50 mA
 Battery  3 AA micro cells (LR6)

 Operation time

 continuous use  approx. 90 h


                                                                                    approx. 390 g


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