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Handheld-detector VLF 950


  • For finding and locating
  • active and inactive buried cables
  • metal pipes etc.
  • Passive VLF principle
  • Optional cable transmitter





Features and application

The VLF 950 handheld detector is a battery-powered aid to detecting and locating electric conductors, power cables and pipes that are hidden underground. The handheld detector is used in civil engineering, for geophysical drilling tasks and in soil clean- up operations. It can also be used with a cable transmitter.


The VLF 950 detector is a handheld detector with a practical shape. It is ruggedly built and is simple to use. The VLF 950 has both a visual indicator and an audible indicator. The visual indicator is in the form of an LED; another LED is used for monitoring the battery status. A built-in signal generator produces the indicator tone, the frequency of which rises as you approach the cable you are looking for. Headphones can be used in noisy environments.

How it works

The way the device works is based on the principle of VLF (very low frequencies), like those induced by many long-wave transmitters in cable networks. These very low frequencies which propagate as a secondary field around cables and conductors are detected by the VLF 950 handheld detector. The advantage of the VLF technique is that not only active power cables but also other types of cable links which carry a VLF signal can be detected with the VLF 950 handheld detector. In many cases it is also possible to detect pipes. If there is too little VLF induction on underground metal infrastructures an inductive coupling can be set up with a 60 kHz cable transmitter (in preparation).

What is included

  • VLF 950 handheld detector
  • 9V 6LR61 e-block battery
  • Operating instructions
  • Hard shell case
  • Optional: Cable transmitter (in preparation)

VLF 950 Technical data

Power supply 9V 6LR61 e-block Operating time* Battery approx. 40 h Temperature range approx. -5 to +50 °C Length 375 mm Weight approx. 0.3 kg Frequency approx. 60 Hz *Depending on temperature and the quality of the batteries used (rechargeable/non-rechargeable).

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